​Power of the Disability Vote: Focus on Key Constituencies

While the Disability Matters: Vote 2016 (DMV2016) campaign will be province-wide in scope, we will also focus on those constituencies where the disability vote is likely to have the greatest impact on the election results. So we have selected the 16 constituencies with the closest results from the 2011 provincial election for extra special attention. The margin of victory in these constituencies ranges from a high of 14.8% to a razor thin margin of 0.2% (21votes). 

These are the constituencies likely to have among the closest contests in April 2016. We will be profiling a different one of these constituencies everyday over the next 16 days. We'll start with the largest margins and proceed daily to the smallest. The estimated number of persons with a disability (PWD) who voted in 2011 and who are eligible to vote in 2016 are listed with each constituency. 

DMV2016 plans to have "boots on the ground" in each of the 16 constituencies. So we will be needing lots more volunteers. If you want to help out with DMV2016, please complete the form at: www.disabilitymatters2016.ca/contact-us.